Being judgemental is like being a judge who is mental. Haha!!

Imagine a courtroom. Two lawyers fighting it out. A culprit on one side. A witness on the other. Views and counterviews being thrown all over. And a judge overseeing the whole drama – the mental judge. The judge is least bothered about the facts, the details, the perspectives. The judge has his own problems to worry about and his own limitations to deal with (since he is mental). He isn’t equipped to handle the case but he has to pass a verdict. You can very well imagine the consequences.

Aren’t we all similar to that mental judge in the hypothetical courtroom? We keep judging others, we make biased decisions, we call names to people, we pass scathing comments on people (even on celebrities who we hardly know), we are constantly forming opinions about one or the other on a daily basis. We are not equipped to judge but we pass a verdict because that’s fun, that’s intelligent, that’s compelling, that’s the norm out here.

Remember – if you’re forming an opinion about anyone or anything, you are making an honest attempt to take the seat of that mental judge while you are overseeing the proceedings with a limited vision. You may not harm anyone or send anyone to gallows, but think of it – you’re not being fair to yourself. You got better things to do than being a mental.

May the world be free of judgements and may there be Order Order!!


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