Being Here

What is it about people that keeps them on the go? Why is there a certain restlessness to be away, or keep moving? What’s wrong with staying where you are, and not “growing”?

I see people in a constant quest to move on – like keep changing jobs, keep travelling to foreign shores and make efforts to settle down there, keep moving on in relationships, go on trips every now and then, etc etc. I could rarely relate to this restlessness (if I may so call it) and I wonder if I am missing out on something because of this lack of restlessness. For instance, going abroad and settling down is something I am never able to digest. People say ‘oh the world out there is so liberal’, ‘oh they have amazing facilities out there’, ‘well the quality of life is superb’, ‘dude, the money you get paid is great’, and blah blah. And I would think ‘Well, all that is fine, but don’t you miss being here’. Like, BEING HERE. This place HERE is like the centre of your world. It’s HERE that you grew up, it’s HERE that your closed ones breathe, it’s HERE that you will always be in the “one-of-us” category. I am not sure if it sounds like I am someone who is unwilling to experiment, or go out on an adventure, or come out of the secured zone. Maybe it is that way. Or maybe it is about being at peace where you are. Maybe some of us find our peace by “being here”, and maybe some find the same peace by “being there”, away from the centre and somewhere at the periphery. Similarly for those who are restless in one relationship, or those who are restless travellers – maybe that restlessness defines them and is central to their existence. Or maybe they are still on their course to “being here” and value what they have it here.




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